Mermaid Curled Ponytail

Type: curled

Want to cast a spell of beauty everywhere you go? Add some sparkle and shine to your look with the Mermaid Curled Ponytail! Its magical blend of blues, purples, and pinks give you an enchanting, ocean-inspired look that won't go unnoticed. Perfect for any mermaid-in-training!

How to install
- Tie your hair into a ponytail or bun.
- Use the comb on the back of the hair piece and secure it to the top of your ponytail.
- Use the ribbon attached to the ponytail to fasten the hair piece around your  natural ponytail.

🌈 Comfortable to wear all day
🌈 Soft and silky waves made from high quality synthetic hair 

After use, use a brush or a comb to brush out any knots. You can wash your ponytail with a gentle conditioner. To reset the curl, simply curl the ponytail around your finger. Leave the ponytail curled up in a ball to dry. 

Light purple
Light pink